Heating Services in Downers Grove, IL

In the dead of winter, you want your furnace to be fully functioning to keep your home warm. Call us today for repairs and replacements in Downers Grove, IL.

Don’t get stuck in a frigid home this winter. Call Jim Wagner Plumbing, Inc. to schedule routine maintenance, repairs and replacements on your furnace or heater. When you book an appointment we will provide you with upfront pricing and promise we won’t add any hidden fees to the final bill!

We offer complete heating services to the Downers Grove area, including:

  • Furnace Installation
  • Boiler Services
  • Heat Pump Services
  • Radiant Heating
  • Gas Log Fireplaces

We offer quality heating services to the Downers Grove, IL area. Read our testimonials to see why our customers trust us to perform their maintenance and repairs!

How a Malfunctioning Heater can Affect Your Home

When your heater goes out it can have a large impact on your home and family. Sure, you will be uncomfortable as the temperatures in your house will likely dip below your comfort level, but there are other ways it can affect your home as well, including:

  • Higher utility bills. As the unit malfunctions, it can work harder to keep your house warm, resulting in increased costs.
  • Risk of illness. Your family can be at risk of getting sick when your unit malfunctions. One of the most serious threats is if you have a carbon monoxide leak, which can cause serious health threats.
  • Reduced indoor air quality. A malfunctioning system may not be able to remove particles from the air, like allergens, dust and other debris.
  • Risk of fire. Depending on what’s causing your unit to malfunction, it can pose a fire risk to your home.

Common Issues with Heaters

Like all systems in your home, heaters can malfunction from time-to-time. When this happens, you can call a contractor to repair the problem. Some of the most common issues your unit might encounter can include:

  • Uneven heating: If certain areas of your home are warmer than others, it could indicate that your system is failing.
  • Unexpectedly shuts down: If your heater shuts off frequently before it reaches the desired temperature, it can be due to faulty wiring, a failing pilot light or a broken thermostat.
  • Takes too long to heat: If your system takes too long to heat up it can be due to leaky air ducts, a damaged fan motor, or issues with the belts and bearings.

We also provide expert AC services in Downers Grove. Keep us in mind in the summer months and don’t forget to schedule your annual tune-up!

Benefits of Installing a New Furnace

Are you undecided if you should keep repairing your existing furnace or if you should replace it with a new unit? There are advantages to installing a new system. These can include:

  • Latest updates and features: This enables your unit to come with the newest technology to provide maximum comfort to your home.
  • More energy efficiency: New units can use up to 30 percent less fuel than older systems.
  • Less noise: New models make fewer sounds than older units.
  • Even heating: New units can provide consistent heating throughout your home, eliminating hot and cold spots.

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