Gas Line Installation & Repair in Lombard

Reliable gas line installation and repair in Lombard.

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While some projects are worth doing yourself, installing or repairing your gas line is not one of them. Since gas is highly flammable, it can be dangerous to attempt any DIY repairs and any gas line installation or repairs are best left to a licensed professional.

Gas Piping, Repair and New Installations

If your home uses gas piping and a problem occurs, immediate attention is usually required. Whether you use gas to heat your home, cook meals for your family, or you use for manufacturing. At Jim Wagner Plumbing, Inc., we have the experience and right equipment to solve your gas line problems. Whether you need gas line repair, or are looking for a full gas line installation or upgrade, we are the team to call.

Other Gas Line Services We Provide

When you hire us for your gas line services, you are putting your trust in years of experience and knowledge. Our expert technicians are able to install or repair your gas line and perform all of the fittings correctly. Rest easy knowing all of the work we carry out is done properly and to code.

Leak Location & Testing
Our highly experienced plumbers can test and locate your system leaks using a variety of highly effective methods to quickly get you back in operation.

Air Line Installation & Repair
Need to install a new air line? Let us install a system to your specifications or engineer a system for your needs.

Common Gas Line Problems

Some common issues with your gas line and fittings include:

Joint and connector issues: These components wear out over time and the protective layer can corrode causing issues in the line.
Cracked seals: The seals located on the spigot or bell joint can become cracked and dry over time.
Improperly sized fittings: If the fittings were not properly sized or incorrectly installed, problems will develop in the line.

Making sure you have a licensed professional perform your gas line repairs is crucial to ensuring all fittings are done properly and will not cause issues in the future.

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