Lombard Commercial Plumber

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An unexpected plumbing problem can mean delays in business and turn away customers. Don’t let an overflowing toilet or leaking pipes put a halt to operations. Call your local Lombard commercial plumber for professional solutions.

Jim Wagner Plumbing, Inc. is committed to delivering accurate solutions to your toughest plumbing problems.

  • We identify the source of the problem instead of slapping on a band-aid repair.
  • You are presented with upfront pricing so there are never any surprises.
  • Every job is tailored to your particular needs and budget.
  • Enjoy a hassle-free experience from start to finish.

If you are looking for a commercial plumbing company to quickly resolve your drain and sewer problems, contact us today to discuss your needs.

technician repairing commercial sink

How Can We Help You?

Do you need help with…

  • Cast Iron and Copper Drain Pipes?
  • Copper Water Pipes?
  • Main Sewer and Water Pipes?
  • Overhead Sewer Systems?
  • Valves?
  • Backflow Preventers?
  • Gas Pipes?
  • Sump Pumps?
  • Sewage Ejectors?
  • Water Leaks?

Jim Wagner Plumbing, Inc. will assess the problem and provide you with the right solution. We carry out a range of industrial/commercial plumbing services, from water leak detection to sewer line repairs and replacements.

You can rely on us for repair, installation, and replacement services that meet your specific needs. We only use high-quality products and materials and will provide you with an itemized list upon request.

What to Expect

We like to make the experience as smooth as possible for our customers. This means transparent service from start to finish.

  • For installations, you receive a list of the parts we plan to use for your reference.
  • We do not hire subcontractors nor will we charge you for unnecessary labor. Only licensed plumbers from our team will be dispatched to your property.
  • After we have assessed your needs, we’ll give you an honest and upfront price quote.
  • We are happy to answer all of your questions. In fact, we focus on educating our customers so you can make the best decision.

Give us a call today at (630) 577-9241 or (815) 609-1859 for answers to your plumbing problems. You’ll be back to business as usual in no time.