Jim Wagner Plumbing, Inc. Company History

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Our Business

Jim Wagner Plumbing, Inc., located at 51 Eisenhower Lane South, Lombard, IL, believes in delivering top notch work for a great price. We interact with our customers to understand their needs in order to ensure we give them the best solution. Jim Wagner Plumbing, Inc., as a plumbing and HVAC contractor in the state of Illinois, takes great pride in hiring licensed plumbers and HVAC technicians to serve you. As a licensed plumbing, heating and cooling contractor, it’s our job to give you the right product for your home or business.

We take the guesswork out of home repairs. For example, when you purchase a home and a faucet leaks, do you know who installed it? When you purchase a product at a home center with a long warranty do you know who is going to honor the warranty? As a plumbing and HVAC service contractor, when we install a product and you need service, you know to call us. Jim Wagner Plumbing, Inc. provides you with a great product customized to your needs. Did you know that your plumber has to be individually licensed in plumbing?

Our Plumbers & HVAC Technicians

Have you ever had a plumber or HVAC technician visit your home or business and say “I have to call the boss and get you the price?” Not at Jim Wagner Plumbing, Inc.! Our technicians use a flat-rate price book, making all the pricing consistent, and allowing us to focus our training on plumbing, not sales. This system standardizes the pricing and makes our technicians accountable for their time. It also allows us to be able to have a qualified and well-trained technician resolve your situation quickly without the guesswork!

Who Is Jim Wagner?

Jim Wagner III, owner and principal plumber of Jim Wagner Plumbing, Inc., is a third generation Illinois Licensed Plumber. Jim began his business, fulfilling his lifelong dream to follow in the footsteps of his father Jim Jr. and grandfather Jim Sr., both contractors in the city of Chicago for nearly 6 decades. While growing up in the plumbing and drain service business, Jim worked as a service plumber with his dad and brothers. Through this experience in the family business, Jim learned his motto that sticks with him today: Always Offer Great Service at a Fair Price.

Jim Wagner and his team are now proud to offer expert heating and cooling services in order to better serve homeowners and business owners in the western Chicago suburbs!

Need a trustworthy and reliable Lombard plumbing and HVAC contractor? Contact Jim Wagner Plumbing, Inc. today at (630) 348-9873 or (815) 242-9168!