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Dealing with plumbing issues is a stressful experience, which is why we make it our mission to provide fast, reliable, and professional plumbing services to our customers in Hinsdale, IL and the surrounding areas. You can always count on the highest level of service from our technicians, and we offer our services at fair, competitive prices because we know that plumbing issues are often unexpected. See how you can save by clicking here to view our coupons page.
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Hinsdale Professional Plumbing Services

  • Emergency Plumbing
  • Backflow Testing and Installation
  • Drain Cleaning
  • Faucet Replacement & Repair
  • Garbage Disposal Services
  • Gas Line Installation & Repair
  • Residential Plumber
  • Sewer Drain Cleaning
  • Sump Pump Services
  • Toilet Installation & Repair
  • Underground Sewer Replacement
  • Water Heater Services
  • Water Leak Detection & Repair
  • Commercial Pump Services

Hydrojetting Services

When a plunger and plumber’s snake just don’t cut it anymore, and you find yourself dealing with persistent clogs and slowly-draining drains, it’s time to call in Jim Wagner Plumbing and schedule a hydrojetting cleaning session.

Hydrojetting is a drain cleaning procedure which uses a high-pressure spraying tool to spray water at up to 4,000 psi of pressure. Because of the high intensity of the water pressure even the most stubborn clogs and buildup will get washed away, leaving your pipes are clean and clear for years to come.

Do you have a retail business or restaurant? Save yourself the cost of repeated drain cleaning and unclogging procedures and schedule regular hydrojetting to make sure that your pipes are always flowing as they should so service and business are never interrupted.

Hydrojetting Your Sewer Line

Hydrojetting is a terrific way to make sure that your sewer line is flowing clearly. Over time issues like clogs or tree roots which often infiltrate pipes can cause sewer lines to begin to leak, and eventually to burst, causing an unpleasant mess to deal with before the pipes can be repaired.

Because hydrojetting scraped off years of caked-on debris and buildup it’s often a great solution for a problematic sewer line. Ask your Jim Wagner Plumbing technician is hydrojetting is right for you and we’ll help you keep your pipes clean for years to come.

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Excellent service

Review of Jim Wagner Plumbing

I've worked with Dan on several projects and he has earned my trust with any plumbing issues. Dan is a quintessential professional and I'm always impressed with his work. I would recommend Dan to anyone without hesitation.

Response from Jim Wagner Plumbing:

Thank you for giving us a perfect rating and for recommending us to others needing our services. It was our pleasure to serve you and get your problem resolved. I hope you have a great day. Take care! Sincerely, Jim Wagner Plumbing, Inc.

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Excellent service!!

Review of Jim Wagner Plumbing

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Great Job! Great Toilet (finally!:)

Review of Jim Wagner Plumbing

Gus was fantastic! I had a leaky toilet which was clogged with grout. He fixed the seal and fixed the clog! I called on Monday and the plumbing was fixed on Wednesday morning.

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Review of Jim Wagner Plumbing

Chris B.

Chris B.

Repaired water heater

Near Salt Creek Ln, Hinsdale, IL 60521
Chris B.

Chris B.

Re lit State select water heater

Near Spinning Wheel Rd, Hinsdale, IL 60521
Chris B.

Chris B.

Installed 2 new toilets removing old toilets

Near S Clay St, Hinsdale, IL 60521
Jason S.

Jason S.

Multi plumb

Near Thurlow St, Hinsdale, IL 60521
Jason S.

Jason S.

Installed New Champion Ejector Pump w/male adapter, pipe, & combo check/shutoff valve.

Near S Bodin St, Hinsdale, IL 60521

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