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You need a fully functioning air conditioner to keep your home comfortable in the summer months. For AC repairs and installations in Downers Grove, call us today!

During the heat of summer, you want to ensure your air conditioning unit is performing as expected. Scheduling regular maintenance and tune-ups can help ensure your system can keep your home cool and comfortable all summer long. For AC maintenance, tune-ups, repairs and replacements in Downers Grove, IL, call Jim Wagner Plumbing, Inc. There are no surprises when you call us – we provide upfront pricing with no hidden fees!

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Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs to Be Repaired

When the temperatures outside are sweltering, you want to seek comfort in your home. To ensure your AC unit is functioning properly when you need it most, it’s important to be able to identify when your system needs repairs as soon as possible. Some signs to watch for that can indicate you need to schedule an appointment with a contractor can include:

  • Your property isn’t reaching the temperature set on your thermostat.
  • Cold air isn’t blowing out of your system.
  • Water is collecting under your ducts or near the drain tube.
  • Your home isn’t cooling evenly, leaving some areas of your home warmer than others.
  • You start to need more frequent repairs.

Signs You Need to Recharge Your Refrigerant

Refrigerant plays an important role in keeping your home cool in the summer. When your unit doesn’t have enough, it can cause the system to malfunction. Some signs to watch for that can indicate you need your refrigerant recharged can include:

  • Cool air isn’t coming from the unit, even though it’s running.
  • Your home doesn’t reach the desired temperature set on the thermostat.
  • You see frost building up on the tubes, motors and other parts of the system.

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What Parts of Your AC Unit are Inspected During a Tune-Up

When you call a professional to schedule a yearly inspection on your air conditioner you can expect the contractor to perform certain tasks. Some work you can expect him or her to perform can include:

  • Check the refrigerant levels and inspect the system for leaks.
  • Inspect the air ducts for excessive debris and potential leaks.
  • Ensure the right amount of air is flowing through the evaporator coil.
  • Make sure the cooling and heating sequences are not operating at the same time.
  • Inspect the electric terminals and apply a non-conductive coating if needed.
  • Apply oil to the motors.
  • Examine the belts and all other working components.

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