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In Some Cases, Replacement Can Be Better than Repair – Find Out How

Okay, so your plumbing device breaks down. Again. You ask yourself the same question many homeowners in Lombard, IL do in the same situation. Do I fix it or do I call for repiping services? It might cost less to call for repairs, but you also know you’re just delaying the inevitable. As soon as the device breaks once more, you will be facing the same question.

Deciding to buy new equipment might cost more money upfront, but modern models tend to be more energy efficient and require less maintenance. In the long-term, this might save you money. But how can you tell when the time has come to purchase a replacement? Here’s what to keep an eye on when it comes to key plumbing devices.

Getting a New Kitchen Sink

“kitchensink”It’s absolutely essential your kitchen sink remains in top condition. This is the most used sink in the house, which means if it’s damaged or constantly cracking it might get leaky.

The result will be water damage to your kitchen along with expensive repairs. Purchasing a new sink will stop this threat.

Do yourself a favor and get water-efficient faucets along with your new sink. It’s an effective way of reducing your home’s water consumption and will help you save money.

Replacing Your Water Heater

“waterheater”Water heaters go through a lot of stress every day. Even though they’re designed to last ten years, some age far more quickly.

Rust spots, water leaks, and loud noises caused by sediment buildup are all signs something is wrong. Any of these problems could reduce the efficiency of your water heater and accelerate its rate of decline.

Consider purchasing a tankless model when shopping for a replacement water heater. These devices connect directly into a home’s plumbing, which gives you access to a limitless supply of hot water whenever it’s needed. You also gain storage space by removing the old water tank. Tankless water heaters are truly efficient and practical.

Buying a Better Shower Top

“showertop”Shower tops may be subject to sediment buildup, which could be a problem for your bathroom. This buildup may result in clogged up plumbing and affect water pressure and efficiency.

Eventually, it could result in burst pipes and cause water damage. When shopping for a new shower top, be sure to get a water-efficient model. It’s a good way to reduce water consumption and save some cash on your water bill.

Energy-Efficient Washing Machines

“washingmachine”Washing machines are meant to last about ten years, but a number of things can happen which might prompt homeowners to end up buying replacements.

Problems such as leaks due to cracks in the tub or loose drums or motor mounts cost a lot of money to patch up.

In many cases, it makes more sense to purchase a new washing machine instead. Modern washers are often eco-friendly, which can help you cut down on water and energy consumption. These changes will be reflected in your utility bills.