Fast and Affordable Water Heater Installation & Replacement in Naperville

When it's finally time to replace your old and inefficient water heater, trust the experts at Jim Wagner Plumbing, Inc. to provide quality water heater replacement and installation services. Call (630) 577-9241 or (815) 609-1859 for an appointment.

Naperville Water Heater Installation

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Many homeowners will try to avoid water heater replacement services because it’s perceived as being costly. However, replacing the unit at the right time could actually save you money in the long run. Let the experts at Jim Wagner Plumbing, in Naperville, IL show you how to make the most of your water heater installation.

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Signs it’s Time for a New Water Heater

If you notice any of the following signs in your home, it may be time to start considering investing in a water heater replacement service:

  • Is your current water heater not producing hot water anymore?
  • Do you constantly require repairs?
  • Do you immediately run out of hot water?
  • Are you noticing rising energy bills due to an inefficient unit?
  • Is the unit over 10-15 years old?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, consider a installing a new unit right away. When it comes to water heater installation, Naperville homeowners are lucky that Jim Wagner Plumbing, Inc. is here to provide affordable and efficient options.

What are the Benefits of a New Water Heater?

At first, you may only notice the price tag of your new water heater without considering the long-term benefits. Some benefits of water heater replacement Naperville homeowners can take advantage of include:

  • Saving money by preventing future repairs.
  • Improving your efficiency and the safety of your home with a new modern unit.
  • Saving money on energy bills over time.
  • Experiencing fewer inconvenient breakdowns.
  • Taking advantage of new modern features on the water heater such as programmable thermostats and more.

Make the Right Choice

Working with Jim Wagner Plumbing, Inc. is the best choice for homeowners looking to experience friendly customer service with quality workmanship at great prices. We also include these unique features that add even more value to our work:

Flat-Rate Pricing: With a flat-rate price book, our customers always know what to expect. We also price by the job, not the hour, so clients get the best deal and our technicians are always accountable for their time.

Licensed Plumbing Contractors: Our technicians are qualified licensed professionals with years of training and experience. You can rest easy knowing you have an expert on your side.

Customized Service: There is no blanket answer to every solution. We assess each plumbing job independently in order to ensure unique solutions and personalized results.

Third-Generation Business: Over six decades of experience gives us an edge over newer businesses since we’ve simply been in the industry for longer.

When the time comes to install a new water heater, don't ignore the signs. Call (630) 577-9241 or (815) 609-1859 for expert water heater installation and replacement services in Naperville, IL today.