High Quality Underground Sewer Replacement & Repair in Naperville

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Underground Sewer Replacement Services in Naperville, IL

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At Jim Wagner Plumbing, Inc., we are always striving to provide the most up-to-date and advanced repair and installation methods in the industry. Our underground sewer replacement and repair services are no different. Naperville, IL homeowners can take advantage of our futuristic technology and attention-to-detail with this important service.

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How to Inspect Sewer Lines

Inspecting sewer lines is always a difficult task because the area is so small and it’s difficult to reach. This is no longer a problem with our sewer line video camera inspection services. Before performing an underground sewer repair or installation, we always check inside the sewer with a specialized camera.

These cameras are mounted on flexible rods that allow us to snake through the sewer and locate the source of the problem. Eliminating the guesswork and ensuring that the right procedures are taken to get the most effective results.

When Should You Replace Your Sewer Lines?

Underground sewer replacement is a personal choice that many homeowners must make at some point. Some of the most common reasons that point to an imminent replacement include:

  • Sewers that are constantly getting blocked and requiring frequent repairs.
  • Sewers that are worn out and corroded from chemical drain cleaners.
  • Sewers that are over 30 years old and are worn out from time and use.

If you require professional sewer replacement, our technicians will help guide you through the process and recommend the best course of action to get the best value.

Trust Us with Your Next Plumbing Service

At Jim Wagner Plumbing, Inc., our technicians are committed to providing quality workmanship at affordable prices. Our friendly demeanor and courteous manner make working on your plumbing systems a walk in the park. We also include the following features and benefits to further improve your customer experience:

Flat-Rate Pricing: We charge by the job, not the hour so our technicians are always accountable for their actions. Our flat-rate pricing structure also ensures that our clients get the best deals with complete transparency.

Licensed Plumbing Contractors: Feel confident in our work knowing our technicians are fully trained and licensed in the field.

Customized Service: Each service is assessed individually so we can recommend the best solution for your unique plumbing needs.

Third-Generation Business: Going on our third generation in the business, we know the ins and outs of the industry to ensure you receive the best service.

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