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The Dangers Of Tree Roots In Your Sewer Line

A plumbing emergency caused by tree roots in your sewer line can strike any day or night. The presence of tree roots in the plumbing is an early indication that you will need to replace your sewer line because tree roots in the plumbing pipes will often lead to sewage backing up into your house. This can be a very troubling situation for a homeowner. Especially since the sewer pipes have been buried out of sight beneath the ground for many years and problems are not obvious until a clog develops in the line. Many older homes have sewer lines that predate World War II.

The dangers of tree roots in your sewer line can present constant problems if you do not resolve them properly. The best way to solve a problem with tree roots in your sewer line will depend on how far the problem has spread. However even a fairly small hole or break in your pipe will promote the growth of tree roots in the line. Merely removing trees will not fix your sewer line.

If you already have tree roots in your sewer then your sewer line is damaged. The resulting clog that has formed in the line will eventually cause sewage to back up into your home through the plumbing fixtures or a floor drain. However, correctly installing updated sewer pipe materials will actually prevent dangerous tree roots from entering your line. If after inspecting your sewer line your plumber does find roots in the pipe, there are different options that he can do to fix the problem.

A type of trenchless pipe replacement referred to as pipe relining is the best method to resolve sewer pipe troubles in certain situations. There are several good things about trenchless sewer line installation or replacement. This type of sewer pipe restoration is an innovative option for sewer line maintenance that actually leaves your lawn, driveway and landscape intact. Pipe repair services generally incorporate trenchless sewer pipe repair because it is a non-invasive pipe maintenance method that doesn’t require having a plumbing professional dig deep into your lawn to locate a broken sewer pipe. A trenchless sewer pipe repair, also referred to as sewer pipe relining, is a cost-effective remedy for damaged sewer pipes. Typically a plumber can reline your old sewer line from the house to the main line at the street without needing to dig up your lawn and driveway or cut into the street.

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