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Which Well Pump Will You be Giving a Rose to This Spring?

There are two things that are keeping us warm through the last month of this long winter: the thought that spring is just around the corner, and this season of The Bachelor.

I mean, who’s doesn’t want to know who Colton’s going to choose, or what’s going to push him over the edge and make him jump that fence to get away! He has so many options available to him, so he has to make sure to choose the girl who is a perfect fit for him.

Much like The Bachelor, you have lots of options when it comes to choosing, not a future bride, but rather a well pump! Read on to learn a little more about different kinds of sump pumps and which one may be the right fit for your well.

Jet Pump For Shallow Wells

whatisIf you have a shallow well that is only about 25 ft deep or less, then a jet pump is a great choice for you to pump water. Jet pumps are mounted above water the water level and outside of the well.

The pump uses suction caused by atmospheric pressure in the well to pull water up from the well into your home through a pipe.

Jet pumps also require priming with water in order to work. Because jet pumps rely on suction and have shorter pipes, they are ideal for smaller or more shallow wells. What are your options, then, if you have a deeper well?

Jet Pump For Deep Wells

idealjetpumpIf you have a deeper well, between 25 ft and around 100 ft, you can still use a jet pump to get your water, but you would need to modify it a bit.

To begin with, you would need to separate the motor and impeller from the jet and move the jet mechanism into the water.

When using a deep well jet pump configuration, one pipe drives the water into the jet body from the impeller housing, and a second pipe connects the jet pipe out of the jet and into your piping system in your home.

Submersible Pump For Even Deeper Wells

submersiblepumpIf your well is deeper than 100 ft, or if you just want a more efficient way to pump water from your pipe, you might also consider a submersible pump. Aside from being housed entirely under the waterline in your well, submersible pumps are different from jet pumps in that they do not rely on suction.

That means that rather than lifting water out of the well, it is physically moving the water out and into your home. Submersible pumps are also great because they can last as long as 25 years without servicing.

Even if you narrowed down all of the species of flowers down to just roses, there are still so many kinds- yellow, white, pink, red, and even those roses from the grocery store that are dyed blue or purple.

Before you decide which rose you want to pick, isn’t it nice to know your options first? We hope our summary of three kinds of well pumps has helped you better understand some of your options. Feel free to call Jim Wagner Plumbing Inc. at (630) 577-9241 for more information on the different types of well pumps available in Lombard, IL.