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A Leaky Faucet Is No Laughing Matter

A leaky faucet in your Naperville home may not seem like a big thing until you get your water bill. That small drip drop that has been a slight annoyance can turn into a big headache not only for you but for your pocket book as well. What goes into fixing a faucet exactly? Well a plumber has to go through several things when fixing that small leak.

What Type Of Faucet Do You Have?

There are numerous faucets out there with differing parts. A professional plumber will first look at your faucet setup to determine what type you have. Depending on the type of faucet you have it will require different parts and methods of repair. Let’s look at the different type of faucets:

  • Naperville, IL Plumber | Faucet Leak Repair ServicesCompression Faucets: These type of faucets work with a stem that rises and falls to open and close the water passageway.
  • Ball-Type Faucets: These type of faucets have a rotating metal or plastic ball that regulates the amount of incoming water. Since these types of faucets only rely on one moving part they are much less likely to require repair.
  • Cartridge Faucets: These faucet types use rubber O-rings inside a cylindrical cartridge which control the flow of water. These cartridges are usually fairly reliable.
  • Ceramic Disk Faucets: These types of faucets have two ceramic discs that move against each other to open and close the flow of water. Ceramic disk faucets are usually fairly maintenance free.

Identifying the Problem

Once a plumber has identified what type of faucet you have the next step is to identify the problem. More than likely you will have to have the appropriate seal replaced for the type of faucet you have.

However, there are situations where the mechanism of action itself may have to be replaced. For instance, a cartridge faucet may have become brittle with age and cracked.

If this is the case the entire cartridge piece would need to be replaced to alleviate your problem rather than just the seal. A professional plumber will look at your complete plumbing setup to be sure that all potential problems with the faucet are addressed.

Thinking about the Future

A professional plumber may be able to recommend a better faucet product based on your current situation. If the age of your existing faucet is nearing its end, your Naperville plumber may be able to help you decide on a cost effective product to fit your needs for years to come.

Your plumber can offer recommendations based on style, budget and ease of maintenance if it is determined that you are in the market for a new faucet. For quality services and exceptional price in your Naperville, IL area, call Jim Wagner Plumbing at (630) 577-9241 today!