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Are You Prepared For A Plumbing Emergency In Naperville?


Are You Prepared For A Plumbing Emergency?The plumbing in residential homes needs proper care and maintenance. If the plumbing is not well-maintained, then problems can occur. This can include a backup of the drains and even water leaks. No home is immune to plumbing emergencies and homeowners will need a plan if a plumbing emergency does occur. Fixing plumbing problems is best left to an experienced plumber. They have the knowledge to locate a water leak or source of a plumbing problem. Homeowners who try to fix a problem themselves may be missing a hidden issue that can cause a more serious problem in the future. Experienced plumbers have years of prior work experience and can fix any type of plumbing problem. However, there are a few steps a homeowner can take when a plumbing problem occurs that will help to minimize damage.A homeowner that discovers a water leak or another problem with plumbing pipes will need to turn off the main water supply. The main water supply valve is typically in on the exterior of the home or down in the basement. A pipe wrench may be needed to close valves on the outside of the home. If this valve is in the basement, then it can be closed by hand. Turning off the water supply will stop the water from flowing into the home.

Water lines in a home may burst can shoot water into the air. If there is a shut-off valve located close to the leak, then closing it will alleviate the problem. This also allows homeowners to have water available in other areas in the home. Closing a water shut-off valve allows the homeowner to clean up the area and then call a plumber to fix the problem.

Small leaks from a drain or water pipe can easily be contained by using a bucket. Leaks are common in bathrooms and kitchens where is a sink. A bucket will catch any dripping water. The problem may also require closing the local shut-off valve for the hot or cold water supply. Homeowners may be surprised to learn that plumbing emergencies are common in homes that have old plumbing.

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