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Simple Ways To Cut Down Your Water Usage

Checking For Leaks

Toilets – A toilet can be costing you money because it’s leaking, but you may not know that a leak is present. There’s a test that you can do to determine if the toilet in your Naperville home has a leak, and you only need some food coloring. Get any type of food coloring, and put the food coloring into the tank of the toilet.

Watch for a while to see if the color comes out in the toilet bowl, and then you’ll know you have a leak, which likely means that the flapper will need replacing. Detecting a leak early can save you a lot of water later.

Naperville, IL | Water Usage ServicesFaucets – It’s possible for faucets to have a leak, and it’s mostly evident if the faucet is completely turned off but still leaking water. If a faucet has a leak, then replace it, and check to make sure the base of the faucet isn’t leaking, and if it is, then a replacement may be the only choice.

Water Tips For Showers

Less Time In The Shower – Taking a shower is a way to save water, but showers can still use many gallons of water. If you choose to time your showers and shower for less than five minutes, you’ll easily save a thousand gallons of water per month, which really can make a difference on your water bill.

Use A Water Saving Shower Head – If you’re looking to save even more water when taking a shower, then consider getting a shower head with the WaterSense label, which is proven to use a lot less water than regular shower heads.

You can easily save several hundred gallons of water per month when using a WaterSense label shower head, and it makes a much bigger difference if you have many people in the household who shower regularly.

Water Tips For Those With Greenery

Water As Needed – Those with greenery in front of their home, such as lawns, plants, shrubs, and bushes will need to know when to water them. Watering isn’t necessary every single day, especially for certain plants as they can die if they are overwatered.

It’s best to get advice on when the greenery needs to be watered, or if you can, hire a landscaper to come each week to keep your Naperville greenery looking green as well as watering it when it’s necessary and giving you tips on when to water it at other times.

Put savings in your pocket this month by cutting the water usage in your Naperville, IL home. Call Jim Wagner today at (630) 577-9341, and see  how much you can save this month.