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The Latest Toilet Technologies


Technology added to newer toilets allow them the capability to wash a person after they’ve finished using the bathroom. Everyone knows that most people reach for toilet paper to wipe themselves after they are done with the toilet, but with a toilet that has a washing system, it’s not necessary to use toilet paper.

The washing system uses nozzles that spray water, and the water pressure may vary but is still able to cleanse the behind nonetheless. Some washing systems will add soap, so the behind can get thoroughly cleaned

Naperville, IL toilet-technologies-1Self-Cleaning Nozzles

The nozzles used to spray soap and water onto the behind can get germs, even if it’s simply water splashing on it after it’s washed the person. The nozzles would need constant cleaning if they didn’t clean themselves, so toilets that allow washing capabilities will have self-cleaning nozzles that sterilize themselves every time they are used. Having self-cleaning nozzles means that it’s not necessary to change the nozzles or clean them every single day.

Water Pressure Options

The water used to wash a person who was on the toilet can possibly change in pressure, especially since one person may need a stronger jet of water for cleaning themselves than another person. Some toilets have the option to change the water pressure through the use of a remote, and this can help the person who’s using the toilet to get thoroughly cleaned.

Warm Water

Regular toilets have water that sits at room temperature all the time, but if the room is cold, then the water in the toilet can be cold as well. It’s a possibility that water will splash up on the behind when the toilet is used, and the water can be extremely cold, so it’s a wonder how it’s possible for a toilet with washing capabilities to clean a person with cold water. Toilets with washing capabilities will have a warm water tank, and the water is stored separately to use for washing purposes. Other toilets will have warm water on demand, and this is great for those who don’t want to run out of warm water.

Heated Seat

Since many dread sitting on a cold toilet seat in a cold bathroom, those who want a warm toilet seat can get heated seats that are heated with a ceramic heater and can be controlled with a remote.

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