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naperville-sump-pumpSump pumps can be very beneficial to a home owner. This category of pumps work to make sure that water does not get into a basement or crawl space and damage a homes foundation. Water can not only damage the foundation of a home but it can also cause dampness that leads to growing mold. A sump pump is not hard to install and it can give a home owner the peace of mind they need.

There are two different types of sump pumps, each helpful in their own way. Both of these pumps stand close to three feet tall. The first, which is a submersible pump, stays in the water. This pump is enveloped in housing that is waterproof. A pipe emerges from the top of the submersible sump pump while the body of the pump sets within the sump pit. Debris getting into the pump will not be a problem because it has a screen that covers the bottom part of the sump pump. This pump works by sucking up water that will go through pipes to the outside of the owner’s home.

A pedestal pump is the second type of sump pump. This pump does not look similar to a submersible pump and it can be very noisy. It has a round piece that sets atop a long stick. What stops the pump from going into the pit is the pedestal. This part keeps the pump from being submersed into the water. One pipe comes down out of the pump to suck the water out of the area.

Submersible pumps and pedestal pumps use an impeller to force the water that comes into their pipes to the side. When water only goes to the sides of the pipe, it leaves the middle of the pipe open, which in turn, creates low-pressure within its middle. The water will then be sucked up into the void so that it can be piped outside.

Each sump pump has a check valve which will prevent the water that is being sucked out from returning to the sump pit. Pumps usually have a float activator or pressure sensor that tells the pump when to start pumping. They both run on electricity and can be plugged into a standard household current that has an outlet that is grounded. Homeowners will want to have a single ground fault circuit interrupter installed upon the grounded outlet to prevent an accident of electrocution from happening.

Pedestal pumps cost less than submersible pumps and both have been proven good investments for a homeowner.

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