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Although tank and tankless water heaters both produce heat for a home, they do have some key differences. Tankless and tank water heaters both have their pros and cons about their specific designs. It is ultimately up to the consumer to research and decide which unit is best for their situation.

Tank water heaters are the traditional standard used in most homes. These types of water heaters are able to operate using a low amount of electricity and gas, except there are some cons to the operation of the unit. For instance, a tank water heater is able to operate with low utility consumption. However, a standard tank heater typically empties the tank of hot water within 20 to 20 minutes and can take as long as 45 mins to reheat the tank. This is especially a problematic issue within families that are all trying to manage to get ready in the mornings. Lastly, traditional water heaters are much more economical compared to tankless water heaters which can cost thousands.

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Tankless water heaters offer great performance; however they typically have economical disadvantages. When installing a tankless water heater, oftentimes ventilation and duct work may have to be re-routed as well as other accessories may need to be installed. Conversion from a standard tank water heater to a tankless heater is typically the biggest problem one will face when installing this unit. Although there are not many cons other than economical disadvantages, a consumer should research a tankless heater thoroughly before purchasing. Usually the price of a tankless heater can be in the thousands depending on the model. Tankless heaters are most invested in because of the fact that they will never run out of hot water when in operation; this is beneficial to large families who have the need of using the shower multiple times.

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