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Homeowners and businesses take their hot water tanks for granted by thinking they will last forever. However, they need maintenance like other appliances to prolong their life and prevent costly consequences in the future. The following are the top five reasons you should not wait to get your water heater repaired.

1. Higher utility bills stem from a water tank needing repairs since more energy is required to perform its duties. The tank is working harder to maintain the proper temperature or level of water which raises your gas or electric bills.

2. A leaking tank causes water damage to the basement or other area where it is housed. Besides the repair bill for the heater, there may also be expenses to repair or replace flooring, carpeting, furniture or other possessions.

Repair Your Water Heater 3. Waiting too long to repair a leaking tank causes corrosion and more extensive repairs. Prompt attention should be given even to the smallest concerns before they escalate into a major catastrophe. Minor repairs or adjustments not made right away could lead to more costly repairs or total replacement of the unit in the future. Having the tank checked and repaired before the warranty expires may also save some money.

4. Appliances always malfunction at the worst times. Water heaters needing repair could inconvenience homeowners especially when dishes need washed, laundry needs done, and baths or showers are prevented before or after work or school. Laundromats, restaurants, hospitals, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities are just a few of the businesses that would be greatly affected without hot water.

5. Common water heater problems include a buildup of mineral deposits, water or gas leaks, discolored or stinky water, or not enough water in the tank due to mineral deposits. Water may be too hot or not hot enough from a faulty temperature valve that could also cause the tank to rupture. Unusual noises may result from sediment, pressure buildup, or the appliance overheating. Costly repairs or replacement can be avoided if the proper attention is given in a timely manner.

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