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Is your water heater in need of maintenance?


Naperville Water HeaterYour water heater is a friend that you don’t think about very often. You depend on it to provide hot water for showers and to wash the dishes, but how do you know when this faithful friend is having issues?

There are many signs that the hot water tank is in trouble. One of the first signs is insufficient hot water, or water that is at a lukewarm temperature. The hot water heater has one or two heating elements inside that heat the water for the tank. When one or both of these elements go out, it can cause there to be insufficient or no hot water. Though sometimes the tank will give signs when the heating element is acting up, usually there is no indication of a problem until it is too late. 

Another common problem with water heaters is the buildup of sediment. Sediment can cause an element to go out when it builds up, it can also cause the water to have a funny taste, color or smell. Sediment needs to be emptied from the tank periodically to keep it from building up. Once it has built up to certain levels, it can ruin the entire tank and replacement is the only option. 

Pressure can build inside the tank and cause a water leak. This is often seen coming out through the overflow tank portion. Though not ideal, the tank must be drained and the problem must be taken care of to prevent further damage to the tank. If you see a stream of water by your tank, it is time to call in the professional. 

The repairs to a hot water tank are not always expensive. For starters, the tanks have a thermometer in there that regulates the water temperature. These temperatures can become off and the water can be cold if the water is not be heated properly. If the thermometer is not functioning right, then the water temperature won’t be correct either. To avoid having a cold shower, water temperatures that are sporadic and never the right temperature, make sure to call for assistance at the first sign of trouble. 

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