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Plumber Recommended Techniques for Unclogging a Sink

One: Use Hot Water

Many of our residential and commercial customers will have occasional problems with a clogged sink. They might try to save money on their utility bills by using only cold water while operating a kitchen’s garbage disposal, leading to hard clogs of food particles and grease. Bathroom sinks also develop clogs because beauty care products such as bath oil and hair conditioner combine with hair strands. Try running hot water into a kitchen or bathroom drain to dislodge these clogs in your Naperville home.

Naperville, IL draincleaning_720Two: Pour a Homemade Solution into the Drain

Our customers can combine two common household items to create a mild chemical reaction to help remove a bathroom or kitchen clog. First, pour a generous amount of baking soda into the drain.

Next, pour in either white or cider vinegar, and watch what happens. A bubbling action will occur that helps to clean substances from drains. After the bubbling stops, turn on the faucet’s hot water to see if this solution worked.

Three: Use a Rubber-Tipped Plunger

All of our customers should have at least one rubber-tipped plunger in a building to use when a clog occurs in a sink. By placing the rubber tip over the drain and pushing several times, the air pressure our customers create with this action might dislodge the clog. Sometimes our customers need to do this several times to move a clog through the pipes. After the clog begins to move, turn on hot water to wash it though the drains and sewer lines.

Four: Use a Drain Snake or Auger

There are basic hand-held and mechanical drain snakes and augers, and these are useful tools for removing clogs. Mechanical augers are more expensive, but our customers might find one at a rental store to avoid buying one. These tools provide more pressure against a clog than a rubber-tipped drain plunger but are frequently necessary to remove deeply embedded or frozen clogs located in sewer lines.

Five: A Hydro-Jetting Process

The last method for removing clogs from sinks is a hydro-jetting process that typically requires calling us because we have the specialized equipment required. With this method, we use a camera and computer screen to locate a clog and determine what it is composed of before blasting it with pressurized jets of water. Within a few hours, we can dislodge clogs that contain hardened grease, hair strands and bathroom tissue.

Unclogging a sink is a job for the pros. Call Jim Wagner Plumber at (630) 577-9241 for plumbing service in your Naperville, IL home!