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Why you should consider having a garbage disposal


Reasons to Install a Garbage Disposal in Your HomeDid you know that installing a garbage disposal can be one of the most worthwhile investments for your kitchen? Most people make mistakes when it comes to cleaning their kitchen. They inundate their refuse bin with all sorts of perishable food products, and it always ends up creating a pungent odor and attracting pests. By installing a garbage disposal, you can eliminate some of the grime building up in your refuse bin and trash can, and maybe even have a little fun while doing it.Imagine a world where the trash can you have to lug to the curb on a weekly basis is up to ten pounds lighter. It may not sound like a lot, but thanks to the repeated use of a garbage disposal, those numbers can add up quickly. By using a garbage disposal, you can reduce your weekly garbage load by half, resulting in fewer arduous trips to the curb.You wouldn’t think so at a cursory glance, but having a garbage disposal actually helps maintain the fluidity of your home’s drainage system. It’s a given fact that a small amount of food waste is going to end up going down your drain, and that amount will gradually compound over time until you’ve got a full blown clog on your hands. Thanks to garbage disposals, this waste is broken down into imperceptibly meager shreds before going down the drain, reducing the odds of your drain clogging.Having a garbage disposal to dispose of food waste into means less perishables in the refuse bin. This translates to a better household odor, and fewer insects such as flies setting up shop in your home. By filling a garbage can with perishable waste, you’re practically inviting a host of raccoons and other hungry critters to come pig out on your garbage.

When all is said and done, installing a garbage disposal could be one of the single greatest investments for your home, due to the added convenience, sanitation, and plumbing efficiency instilled by owning one. Although many garbage disposal antagonists may claim that they are dangerous, there are fewer than ten documented garbage disposal injuries per year. If you’re looking to clean up your kitchen in a safe, convenient manner, consider installing a garbage disposal today, you’ll be glad you did.

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