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Preventing These Plumbing Issues is the Best Way to Enjoy Your Holiday Season

avoid-these-home-plumbing-headachesDon’t spend your holidays worrying about annoying plumbing issues. Instead, you should be thinking about things that really matter such as spending time with your family and ringing in the New Year.

Unexpected plumbing issues are often easily prevented with a little foresight and a small time investment.

Here are some of the most frustrating plumbing issues that cause headaches for homeowners during the holidays:

Frozen Pipes

When pipes are exposed to cold air, the water inside freezes and expands, putting enormous pressure on the pipe walls. In turn, this causes the pipes to burst, which is a nightmare for any homeowner.

The best way to prevent frozen pipes is by insulating them with foam insulation. Take a look around your home and find any pipes that may be exposed to cold air and insulate them. Don’t be afraid to insulate too much because you’re better safe than sorry when it comes to burst pipes!

Seized Sump Pumps

For homeowners who don’t regularly rely on their sump pumps, there is a risk that the motor will seize from disuse and leave you stranded when you need it most. Before the holidays, test your sump pump by pouring water into the tank to see if it triggers the motor. If nothing happens, the pump is probably seized and should be looked at by an expert right away.

water-hose-shut-off-valveFrozen Outdoor Faucets

If you have hose attachments outside, you probably have already removed and stored the hoses. But did you remember to close the shut-off valve?

This valve will keep water away from these pipes and prevent leaking, freezing and bursting.

Inefficient Water Heaters

Cold temperatures put additional strain on your water heater. The unit will work harder to heat up and retain the temperature. This additional strain results in an inefficient unit that is more likely to breakdown and cost more on your energy bill.

Use a simple water heater insulator to fix this issue. It will help keep the unit warm, prevent unexpected breakdowns and save you money on your energy bill.

Spraying or Dripping Faucets

You may think this problem is more annoying than anything, but did you know that more water is wasted from a leaking faucet? Before the holidays sneak up on you, check your faucets for the following to make sure water is flowing freely:

  • Sediment blocking the spout causing spraying.
  • Worn out O-rings.
  • Corroded washers.

Bonus Tip: Make Sure Your Thermostat is Set When You Go Away

turn-up-your-thermostatMany homeowners choose to go on vacation during the holidays. If this applies to you, make sure you set your thermostat to at least 55 degrees or higher while you’re away.

This will prevent the pipes from freezing and ensure that you don’t come home to a burst pipe disaster after your vacation.

Follow these tips, and you shouldn’t have a problem with your plumbing system during the holidays. But if you do, rest assured that the experts at Jim Wagner Plumbing Inc. are here to help. For fast and friendly service in Naperville, IL, call (630) 577-9241 today.