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Why Plumbers for Bathroom Remodeling?

DIY is all the rage, so certainly, you can handle this bathroom remodel by yourself, right? What could really go wrong? You tear out the old shower, remove the toilet, take away the lighting fixtures, old sink, cupboard, and cabinet. Before you know it, you’ve gutted the entire room. Success!

Now to install all the beautiful things you purchased. Cabinetry goes up. So far, so good. Then the toilet installation, which might have been a little harder than expected. Then the shower causes you some serious frustration. In celebration, you turn on the shower to let it run. But, the water shut off! Then it starts spraying everywhere! Coming from pipes in the wall, leaking down through your second story floor, and flooding your family room. What happened?!

A scenario like this, while seemingly far fetched, happens more often than you realize. In this article, you’ll learn why having a plumber for your remodel project is so important and what kinds of jobs they can help with.

What Is Bathroom Remodeling

how plumbers workBathroom remodeling comes in all shapes and sizes and is wildly popular. The more people who move into old-construction houses, the more remodeling project are being undertaken.

It makes sense, too. Older model bathrooms are often culprits for high water and energy use. By remodeling a bathroom, you can save in the long-run on your water and electric bills.

A remodel will also increase the value of your home by improving the overall look and feel of any rooms you redo. Remodeling doesn’t have to mean gutting the entire bathroom and switching everything out.

A remodeling project can be as simple as switching out a vanity, sink, faucet, and toilet. Regardless, whenever you have to change plumbing connections with your sink, toilet, or shower, it’s important to remember your bathroom plumbing.

How Plumbers Work on a Remodel

Your sink, toilet, and shower are all connected to your home’s plumbing. If incorrectly attached or remodeled, you could not only end up with a shower or toilet that doesn’t work properly, but you could potentially damage your home.

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Leaks you may or may not see, incorrectly fitted piping, and water connections that aren’t hooked up correctly are common contributors to remodeling damage.

Each of these areas is where the expertise of a plumber is invaluable. If you want your connections to work right the first time and limit the potential for any damage, hiring a plumber is the only way to go.

Popular Bathroom Remodels

There are many popular bathroom remodeling projects that provide an excellent return on your investment. Here are just a few.

  • popular remodelsChanging Toilets: Changing old toilets to newer low-flow options is a popular option for both its low cost and long-term money savings. For this, make sure you get a plumber to hook up all connections and ensure proper fitting.
  • Tiling the Floor: Many bathrooms have laminate flooring that wears down with time. For an updated, fresh look, consider removing the old laminate, and retiling your floor.
  • Switching Showerheads: Newer showerheads are eco-friendly and cost-effective. Low-flow options save you on water consumption and look stylish as well. Have a plumber install these so you can turn on your shower without worrying about leaks.
  • Counter Changes: Many older style sinks look outdated. By remodeling the sink top, you can completely change the look of your bathroom.

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