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The Dangers of Liquid Plumbing Cleaners

Liquid plumbing solutions are never a good idea, but many homeowners aren’t aware of their potential to negatively affect their health. In addition to being bad for the pipes in the home, it can also be deadly under the right circumstances.

It is best to leave clogged pipes to the professionals and to not use any liquid plumbing products. It simply isn’t worth the risk. However, if you want to know more about how liquid drain cleaners can affect your health and home, this article offers essential information every homeowner should know.

Liquid Plumbing Fumes Can Be Toxic

Although they are known as household products, some of the chemicals that go into Drano or Liquid Plumr can still be toxic. This most commonly refers to a chemical called sodium hydroxide. When inhaled, they can be caustic to the nose and throat. They can also cause a variety of other symptoms, which can range from general annoyance to being potentially deadly.

Anyone who may be suspected to have had contact with liquid plumbing fumes and is showing any of the following symptoms should seek medical attention immediately :

  • toxic chemicalsSevere abdominal pain
  • Throat swelling
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Collapse
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • The rapid dropping of blood pressure

When left untreated, liquid plumbing fumes can make lung conditions worse. In the absolutely worst-case scenario, this can lead to lung collapse or heart attack. Homeowners should always take these fumes seriously.

Liquid Plumbing Fumes Can Cause Skin Irritation

Even when homeowners wear a mask, liquid plumbing fumes can still impact the skin. Skin irritation is one of the most common issues people experience when working with these types of chemicals. This irritation is even more problematic when it is allowed in direct contact with the skin.

Liquid plumbing that comes into direct contact with the skin has been known to cause rashes, blisters, and chemical burns. It is imperative that any product that touches the skin be immediately washed off, even if the amount is just a few drops.

skin irritation

The skin should continue to be rinsed off for at least 10 minutes, then bandaged with a sterile gauze or bandage before seeking medical attention. If left untreated, burns can become a serious problem. It is estimated that at least 3,000 home-related injuries yearly are due to drain cleaner burns to the skin.

Liquid Plumbing Fumes Are Dangerous For The Eyes

dangerous for eyesIn addition to skin irritation, liquid plumbing fumes can also be hazardous to the eyes. When the chemicals enter into the eyes, it can cause severe pain, burning, and even vision loss. If anyone in the home gets the chemical in or near their eyes, it needs to be immediately flushed with at least 1.8 liters (2 quarts) of water over 15 minutes.

For more severe burns, the flushing should continue on the way to the hospital. If the person affected is wearing contact lenses, they should be flushed out with the water instead of being removed manually.

Damage to the eyes due to liquid plumbing fumes can occur even without direct eye contact. Sometimes just having the fumes in the air in an enclosed space can cause eye irritation. It’s best to just call a plumber to deal with a clog instead of attempting to remove it with a liquid substance and risking drain cleaner poisoning.

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