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The Top Plumbing Myths

It is frustrating to deal with myths in any particular subject. They always seem to linger around a little longer than they should. That being said, there are almost always myths in your Naperville home, about things like plumbing. The following are some of the biggest myths that should be dispelled of immediately.

Naperville, IL plumbing_servicesAnything Can Go Down The Disposal As Long As You Run Water

Running the water while sending something down the garbage disposal is indeed a good idea, but this does not mean that just anything can go down the disposal.

There are certain things which are sure to clog up the disposal and make for a bad plumbing disaster. Instead, always consult what kind of items can go down the disposal and which should never go down the disposal. Do not assume that just running water will make it work.

Hand Soap Cleans Plumbing Fixtures

Hand soap is sometimes believed to be the product to use to clean plumbing fixtures. In reality, this can be damaging to certain types of plumbing fixtures.

It mostly has to do with the age of the plumbing and the type of materials that were once used. However, what is known is that hand soap does not in fact clean the fixtures and may be doing them damage.

Lifetime Warranties Mean Bad Products

For some reason there are some individuals who like to believe that a lifetime warranty means a bad product. They have the idea in their mind that only a poor product would have to offer such a warranty.

Naturally, this is a completely absurd idea that does not in fact hold water. Products of any quality level could offer a lifetime warranty and it is often the case that some of the best ones also have lifetime warranties.

Water Pressure Regulators Never Fail

In reality, any instrument could fail at any point. It is mostly a matter of how well it is maintained and how well designed it was to begin with.

You Can Do Your Own Plumbing

It is a bad idea to attempt to do your own Naperville plumbing at any time. There seems to be some mythology around the idea that working on plumbing by yourself is a tradition that makes sense. It does not. There are professional plumbers for a reason, and their advice is what everyone should seek when a problem arises.

Don’t make uneducated assumptions about your Naperville, IL home plumbing system. Call Jim Wagner at (630) 577-9341 for the quality you deserve.