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3 DIY Plumbing Projects That Are Best Left To Professional Plumbers


Naperville Water HeaterWhile learning to clean your gutters or replace a broken door knob can be an easy task that saves you money by doing it yourself, plumbing is an area of home repair that is often best left to professionals. Water damage can destroy walls and floors, cause electrical issues and can provide an environment for harmful mold spores to grow. Here are three plumbing projects you absolutely do not want to attempt yourself.

Sealing and Seating a Toilet: While you may feel confident in fixing the handle you have to jiggle to make the toilet stop running, that area of the toilet contains only clean water. Sealing and seating a toilet must be done by a professional because an improper job could allow sewage to seep into the surrounding area. This is completely unsanitary and can destroy the surrounding floor, not to mention the hazardous mold that can grow from such filth being exposed to the air inside your home.

Moving Kitchen Water Lines: If your kitchen renovation involves moving the sink or dishwasher to a completely new location within the room, you need to hire a professional. Making new utility outlets is difficult if you are not familiar with how electrical wiring is run. You cut accidentally destroy wiring or a leak could cause a short. Add in the expense of making a mistake and ruining your cabinetry and calling a professional plumber is simply the only option.

Running an Outside Line: While it can be quite expensive to run a water line to your barn or other outbuildings, many homeowners find it a worthwhile investment. However, running a water line outside comes with it a host of potential issues. Roots from nearby trees, nearby utility lines, freezing weather and moving soil can cause a lot of problems with plumbing. This is not a project you want to undertake yourself.

While some home improvement projects are simple and safe for homeowners to attempt, there are some jobs only a professional should tackle. Outside lines, moving kitchen lines and sealing toilets all require expertise to do properly.

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