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Back flow is when the normal flow of water in the tap, shower, toilet, etc., is interrupted and reversed, causing the good water to mix with the bad water. This can be a huge pain in the neck. For instance, imagine flushing your toilet and instead of the water flushing out, it starts to rise and begins to overflow onto the floor. That is a messy problem and not a good position to be in, which is why you would want to have a backflow preventer installed. The backflow preventer is basically a system that creates an air gap, which vertically separates the end of a water supply outlet and the flood-level rim of the receiving vessel, which provides a barrier to prevent backflow.

The backflow preventer is also good to have where sprinkler systems are used. Without it, you could pose the risk of herbicides and other potentially hazardous chemicals entering the drinking water supply. But, along with that backflow testing device, you will also need a Backflow Testing device.

Most backflow prevention devices require an annual test to ensure that they are working properly. It can also be done every other year depending on what state you live in. Although checking the backflow device visually may suffice, it still needs to be tested with properly calibrated gauged equipment. This is important because just like any other machine, wear and tear can happen over time causing the seals, springs, and other parts of the device to become faulty.

There are different test kits for different series of backflow prevention devices, but the good thing is that most of the test kits can be used for more than one series. Plumbers that test the backflow prevention devices are certified in that area and with the particular testing device that is being used.

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