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How to Find a Sink That’s Right For You

Are you looking to refresh the look of your kitchen or bathroom with a new sink? Maybe you’re moving into a new home and looking to integrate your personal style.

Even if you are replacing your sink out of necessity more than a desire to update the look of your home, with the countless faucet, basin, and pedestal options available for sinks today, finding a new bathroom or kitchen sink can be a lot more trouble than you realize.

It’s essential that you do your research, know the costs of different kinds of sinks, and consult your local plumbing store before deciding on your perfect kitchen or bathroom sink.

Sink Research

The first step in shopping for your perfect sink is research. To begin with, are you looking for a kitchen sink or a bathroom sink? Do you know what style of sink you want? The best way to find the right sink for you is to research the different styles and kinds of sinks and decide what suits you best.

To help you begin your research, here’s a list of different kinds of kitchen sinks:

  • sinkresearchFarmhouse Sink
  • Corner Sink
  • Undermount Sink
  • Bar Sink
  • Kitchen Island Sink
  • Kitchen Sink with Attached Drainboard
  • Single Bowl Sink
  • Top Mount Sink

Here are a few examples of some types of bathroom sinks:

  • Drop-In Sink
  • Vessel Sink
  • Undermount Sink
  • Pedestal Sink
  • Console Sink
  • Vanity Top Sink
  • Wall-Hung Sink

Each of the above-listed types of sinks, for both kitchens and bathrooms, are available in a number of materials that you can also research in order to decide which is best for you.

Sink Cost

sinkcostNow that you have an idea of how many different kinds of sinks there are available, it’s time to consider the costs of these different styles and materials your sink can come in.

Are the benefits of a particular style of sink greater than the cost? How do the costs of certain sinks compare to others? The best way to answer those questions is to, once again, do your research.

Shop around to get an idea of average prices of a particular sink you like. In some cases, you may be able to find a warehouse that sells appliances like sinks at discounted prices.

Plumbing Store

callusOne invaluable resource you have at your disposal when looking for a new sink is your local plumbing store (or stores), especially if they also have a showroom.

Call or visit your local plumbing store and ask to see some of the different styles of sinks, faucets, and faucet handles.

The associates at the store should also be able to answer any questions you may have about sink installation, including cost and the entire installation process.

Still have questions about selecting and installing a sink? Call the Lombard plumbing experts from Jim Wagner Plumbing Inc. at (630) 577-9241 with any questions you may have. Know someone who’s looking to replace a sink in their home? Share this article with them to lend a hand!