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Are you prepared for a plumbing emergency?


Naperville 24 Hour Emergency ServicePlumbing emergencies can take even the most prepared home owner by surprise. They can quickly flood your home with water, causing serious damage. There are steps you can take to help prevent your plumbing damage from getting worse. However, all plumbing emergencies should be attended and repaired by a certified plumber.

First, immediately call a plumber, and describe the emergency in detail. They will come over as quickly as possible, and fix the problem for you. Only call a plumber that’s highly rated by your community, and whom you feel you can trust.

Turn off the electricity in your home while you wait. This helps avoid electric shocks. After you turn off the power, turn off the main water. This will stop the flow of water. Also, turn off all hot and cold water valves under your sinks. Take a bucket and start bailing water out of the area affected by the plumbing emergency. Keep bailing until the plumber arrives. You should also try to remove as many objects from the affected area as possible. This can help save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on water damage.

These steps are not a “do-it-yourself” solution to plumbing emergencies: they just help make the area safe for the plumber. Don’t perform these tasks if you don’t know how. Just wait for the plumber to arrive: they will know how to do what’s necessary to get started. Point them to the plumbing emergency, and help them out anyway they need.

While your plumber is working, you may want to check your home insurance policy. Many policies will cover serious water damage, but will often vary on how much damage covered. Read the policy carefully to fully understand your insurance options as a homeowner.

If you are confused by your policy, ask your plumber for some help. Plumbers have to work with insurance companies all the time, and most have a solid understanding of water damage insurance.

If you call a well-regarded plumber immediately, minimize water flow, and assist your plumber, you can easily minimize the damage caused by your plumbing emergency.

Are you ready to deal with a plumbing emergency in the Naperville area? Contact Jim Wagner Plumbing, Inc. today at (630) 577-9241 or (815) 609-1859!