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Never Use Chemicals To Unclog Your Drains


Naperville Clogged DrainClogged drains can be very annoying and time consuming. It is easy to try different ways to unclog a drain, many people try harmful chemicals. This process is not effective and causes potential hazards. Your best and most reliable option to resolve your clog for good, is a professional plumber.

Using chemicals to unclog a drain will only give you temporary results. The chemicals will breakthrough and remove some of the debris, but will not dispose of the entire clog. Removing some of the clog will allow the drain to appear as if it is working properly again. What is really happening, is the drain is draining at a decent speed but actually causing another clog. Debris will begin to add to the left behind debris, over time you will be tackling another clog. This cycle is time consuming and annoying. A professional plumber can come to your home and use equipment to completely remove the debris. Professionals will also verify that the drainage is working at full function.

Chemicals are also a danger to your pipes. Chemicals can erode your pipes causing leaks and other damages. Depending on the damages, you could end up with hundreds of dollars in repairs. Chemicals are not environmentally friendly. Very harsh chemicals can contaminate your plumbing which can also lead to more problems and expenses. An experienced plumber should always be used for regular cleaning and in emergencies.

There is no good reason to use chemicals on your pipes. It is easy to get pulled into the convenience of buying a bottle to take care of your clog. This will only cause you temporary repairs and could eventually lead to several expenses. Instead of wasting time and money, call the professionals. This will prevent you from cleaning the drains over and over again. Only trained plumbers should work on your plumbing needs.

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