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Hot Water Heater Repair Signs


Naperville PlumberFor most homeowners, the most expensive item in a home’s plumbing system is the hot water heater. We often don’t give our hot water heaters a second thought and just take for granted that when we want hot water it will be there. In order to keep your hot water heater working properly and the hot water flowing, here are some things to watch for which may indicate it is time to have it serviced or repaired.

One indicator that your hot water heater may need to be checked is a sudden lack of hot water. Depending on whether your unit is powered by gas or electricity, this could be due to a bad heating element or a bad gas thermocouple.

Another sign that your hot water heater may need attention is those new noises that are now coming from a once quiet unit. Those bangs, knocks, and creaks are your hot water heater’s way of letting you know it is time to have it checked. These noises could be a sign of sediment buildup in the tank or it could be possible the heating element needs replaced.

Lastly, if you notice water leaking from your unit be sure to contact your plumber immediately. Have it looked at right away to avoid problems with flooding or damage to your home.

If you notice any of the above problems you should contact an experienced plumber to have your hot water heater serviced, repaired, and replaced if necessary. Taking care of your hot water heater when it has little issues by having it checked and serviced will extend its life for as long as possible. While a repair bill or the cost of replacing a hot water heater may not be a fun expenditure, it is a sure way to protect your most important investment of all, your home.

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