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It’s getting cold in Naperville and it’s never a better time than to gear up and make sure the plumbing in your house is ready for the winter! Here are a few tips for keeping your house safe and cozy against the cold.

Naperville fall plumbing maintenanceYour Water Heater
As the winter approaches your water heater is under more pressure from really cold water expanding components inside. This makes the heater work harder. You can take precautions to avoid a water heater suddenly ceasing up on you and spilling water all over the basement in the dark of winter. Scheduling a service call will save you time and money in the long run, especially if you haven’t had your water heater checked in over a year. And give your system a flush to remove sediment.

Your Faucets Inside and Out
Make sure to disconnect your water hoses and check those outside faucets for leakage. A small leak is enough to create havoc if it’s not dealt with. And if an outside hose is left on, it can freeze and break or crack the faucet. If you’re leaving home for a few days or weeks, make sure you shut off the main water valve, drain your indoor faucets, and leave your heat on above freezing level.

Your gutters
After the leaves fall and the raking is done, don’t forget to clear the leaves and debris from those outside gutters. This will ensure that gutter drainage will happen without a glitch when a thaw comes. Frozen gutters that have debris in them can cause a myriad of problems, both plumbing-related and to the exterior of your house.

Your exposed pipes
If you have exposed pipes in your house, especially in the basement, they’re going to need insulation. And if they run along the walls and windows, be sure to check that your windows are well caulked and shut tight.

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