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There are several plumbing problems which require a home to be repiped. If the water is cloudy or discolored, if there are leaks in the system, or if there is low water volume, repiping is likely necessary.

If your home was constructed in the 1960s or earlier, it was likely built with galvanized steel pipes. These pipes may look fine from the outside, but rust tends to build up over time inside the pipes. Bits of rust can flake off and can be carried through your home and out through the faucets, discoloring your water. This can ruin your fixtures, stain your sinks and tubs,and  damage appliances like your dishwasher and washing machine. When the buildup is severe, it restricts the flow of water which causes low water volume throughout the house. If you are unable to run several faucets at the same time, or if your sprinkler has a weak spray, you probably have low water volume. Eventually, galvanized steel pipes fail resulting in leaks and serious damage to your property. There is no way to fix galvanized steel pipes; they simply must be replaced.

Repiping in Downers Grove and Wheaton

Newer homes typically have copper pipes. They don’t rust, but a buildup of scale caused by the minerals in hard water often occurs. It’s a gradual process where the minerals coat the pipes over time and restrict the water flow, resulting in low volume. There is no way to remove the scale from the pipes. It is an irreversible problem and the pipes must be replaced. Many homeowners chose to live with the low water volume. This may seem to work for a while, but it causes the home’s hot water heater, dishwasher, and washing machine to work inefficiently as they struggle with low water volume. This results in higher utility bills and a more frequent need to replace appliances. Also, by ignoring low water volume, you run the risk of failed pipes leaking. It is best to look into repiping before you are faced with water damage on your property! Calling your local plumber out to take a look will save you a lot of money in the long run and get the work you need done correctly.

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