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When to Call a Professional Plumber


Naperville PlumberPlumbing problems can be a source of frustration for homeowners whether it be leaking pipes or continually clogging drains. Sometimes a stopped up drain can be fixed by a homeowner with a quick plunge, but many plumbing issues require the services of a professional plumber.

Chronically slow drains that clog frequently need to be inspected by a plumber. Water that is allowed to stagnate can cause bad odors in the home along with posing health risks. Mold grows rapidly in moist areas and a proliferation of mold spores can cause allergy symptoms and other health problems for family members. Professional plumbers use equipment such as in line cameras that help them to visually identify a clog in order to plan the best method of removal. Plumbers have equipment that is not available to homeowners that can effectively rid drainage and sewer pipes of stubborn clogs. Industrial snake equipment can break clogs and remove solid objects that are lodged in drains. Hydro jetting technology allows plumbers to effective remove clogs while thoroughly cleaning the inside of drains of clinging grease and other debris.

Leaking pipes, especially those located in slabs, require expert plumbing repair. Often pipes that are hidden behind walls or under concrete flooring leak undetected before any problems are noticeable. Prolonged leaks that are not properly repaired can cause extensive damage to a home’s drywall, flooring and other elements. Qualified technicians have the knowledge and experience to effectively diagnose leak problems and determine the best method of repair. Leaks can be repaired with a professional epoxy lining application that coats the inner walls of affected pipes. Spot repairs can be made in situations where leaking is confined to a small area.

Often homeowners attempt plumbing repairs on their own only to end up with worse problems. Incorrect quick fixes often not only fail to correct the problem, but end up resulting in more costly repairs. Professional plumbing services use high tech equipment to properly inspect a home’s plumbing and carefully diagnose any plumbing problems. Professional plumbers have the best equipment to thoroughly clean drain clogs and repair difficult pipe leaks.

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