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Are You Dealing with Smelly Drains and Plumbing?

A common problem for many homeowners is foul-smelling plumbing and drains. But what many don’t know, however, is that those foul odors could be a sign of something much worse. Bacteria buildup is commonly the main reason why your plumbing will smell.

That same bacteria can also cause serious health concerns for you and your family, which is why you need to address these issues quickly and efficiently.

For some, it may be a simple drain cleaning issue; for others with deeper concerns in their sewer lines, replacements may be needed.

How to Avoid a Contaminated Sink

A typical location for foul-smelling drains is in your sink. Because your sink not only is used for disposing of wastewater but also for working with things like food, it can be a hotbed for bacteria. The best way to prevent contamination in your sink is:


  • Ensure no food scraps go down the drain.
  • Use your garbage disposal to remove waste.
  • Never through cooking grease down the drain.
  • Install a water filtration system.
  • Regularly clean your drain.

If there is still a smell coming from the drain in your sink, hold off on pouring chemicals down it.

This can cause more damage to your plumbing and have little effect on the bacteria itself.

Sulfur Gases Could be the Problem

“sulfur”The reason foul smells are coming from your plumbing is because of the presence of sulfur.

Specifically, hydrogen sulfide gases are what’s causing your problem, and it usually culminates in a rotten egg-type smell.

This sulfur is common in homes that don’t have a quality filtration system to help remove some of this bacteria.
Once you find that the source of your problem is a sulfur buildup – you’ll need to find the cause.

If you’re lucky, the smell will be coming from one specific fixture or drain in your home. If not, testing will be required to find the exact source of the problem, ensuring that you get a quality solution that solves your problem.

Fixing the Problem With an Expert Plumber

Jim Wagner Plumbing is your Lombard plumbing company – offering quality services that can clean your plumbing and keep your family safe. When plumbing smells, and sulfur buildups are your problem, quality drain cleaning is the best way to fix the problem. Our drain cleaning solutions:

  • Removes blockages.
  • Cleans inside the piping.
  • Restores the flow of water.
  • Eliminates any bacteria and smells.

While some homeowners may try to take the DIY approach and use chemicals, the truth is it may not always be a solution to your problem.

Work with a skilled plumbing contractor and ensure that your bacteria issues are solved once and for all.