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Is your plumbing up to speed?


Naperville Drain CleaningSummer is here with long, hot days. Everyone can enjoy “the great outdoors” with activities like swimming, going on picnics and playing outdoor games. It also brings humidity and perspiration, but when the fun is over you can relax with a soothing shower or bath. However, if you have problems with your drains, normal use may be easier said than done. This is why Summer is the perfect time for a drain cleaning.

With more frequent bathing and showering more hair ends up in drains. Water flow may be sluggish, and your drains could be subjected to back-ups. Trees grow rapidly in summer, which means their roots also grow. Tree roots are a common reason for clogged and backed up sewer systems and drains.

Hard water is also a problem. When the water in a region is hard, it is due to the presence of a variety of minerals; calcium and lime are two of the most common minerals found in hard water. They build up deposits, shrinking the area inside pipes which water can flow through. This results in slow drainage and decreased water pressure. Other causes of sluggish and clogged drains include wastes such as food, grease and foreign materials (like small toys).

Waste build-up can also lead to drains giving off unpleasant odors. The easy solution to get your drains open and freely flowing is a summer drain cleaning. Licensed plumbers can swiftly open slow drains without any damage. You do not want to wait until the drain is completely clogged, as this may cause ruptures or other damage to pipes. Damaged pipes can lead to expensive emergency plumbing work.

The benefits of getting a proper drain cleaning include improving your plumbing’s function, water draining efficiently, preventing overflows, flooding and foul odors. Professional plumbers can also diagnose plumbing problems and recommend ways to fix them that can be tailored to fit any budget.

It is beneficial to get your drains cleaned during the summer. You can prevent damage to your property and protect your family by contacting a licensed plumbing professional to clean the drain system in your home. At Jim Wagner Plumbing, Inc., drain cleaning is our specialty, and we 
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