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The Top 3 Bathroom Remodeling Trends to Watch for in 2016

Decorating the bathroom is sometimes an afterthought, with the other rooms in the house getting most of the attention. The bathroom, however, can be a room that is both relaxing and attractive. Many of the most popular trends in bathrooms are vintage and have been making a strong comeback. The following are the top 3 bathroom remodeling trends for 2016.

Chicagoland Bathroom Remodeling1. Metallic Fixtures

Gold, silver, copper, and brass will go with almost any color scheme and can give a bathroom a rich, timeless look. Metallic isn’t just for sink or tub fixtures. Lights, mirror frames, and towel racks can add sophistication and beauty to a bathroom when they’re in luminous metallic colors. They also reflect light and can open up what usually is a smaller room in the house. It’s important to make sure these fixtures are installed properly and only gentle cleaning methods are used.

2. Trough Sinks

Trough sinks, which are sinks that are much larger than the average-sized sink bowel, are rapidly gaining in popularity. They are normally rectangular in shape but it’s possible to get more creative with this type of sink. There are a wide range of depths and even shapes, with some curved along the bottom. They also usually have two faucets but again, there can be one or even more than two faucets in each trough. Trough sinks not only look appealing but they provide a wide range of functionality as well. Larger items can be soaked or hand washed in a trough sink.

3. Freestanding Bathtubs

While freestanding tubs have been popular for a few years, they only seem to be gaining steam. They offer a lot of flexible options when arranging and decorating a bathroom. There are not only several styles of tubs, but they can be moved and arranged in different ways in the bathroom. These types of tubs can give an average bathroom the look of a chic spa. Having a freestanding tub in one bathroom and a shower in another allows for more creativity in both. Built-in tubs tend to look the same and limit the amount of choices and styles when decorating a bathroom.

Renovating the bathroom is an important investment. You want to make sure to hire experienced professionals from a quality company.

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