Peace of Mind Water Heater Services for Aurora Residents

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Aurora Water Heater Repair

What would you do without your water heater? Aurora, IL homeowners rely on these devices for important chores and bathing. At Jim Wagner Plumbing, Inc., our team of qualified technicians provides quality water heater repair and replacement services. Whether your water heater has suddenly stopped working or you are in the market for a more efficient option, we can help you make the right decision.

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When to Replace Your Water Heater

Traditional water heaters are not designed to last forever. Over the years, they lose efficiency and begin to require more frequent repairs and services. At this point, it’s a good idea to replace the unit with a more modern system. If you experience any of the following symptoms in your home, it may be time for a new water heater installation:

  • Are you constantly investing in repairs for the unit?
  • Does it break down on a regular basis?
  • Do you notice a higher energy bill due to an inefficient unit?
  • Is the unit older than 10-15 years?

Common Water Heater Problems

Aurora water heater repair and maintenance are important for homeowners to make sure their water heaters are working properly. Some of the most common water heater repair issues include:

Thermostat: The thermostat controls the temperature. If it’s not working, you may experience freezing cold or scalding hot water when you’re expecting warm, temperate water.

Electrical Problems: Failing or malfunctioning wires and connectors can cause the water heater to short out and stop producing hot water.

Physical Damage: If the water heater is cracked, dented or leaking, you will experience numerous problems such as mold growth, the risk of electrocution, loss of hot water and more.

Work with Us Today

Call the experts at Jim Wagner Plumbing, Inc. today for all your plumbing and water heater needs. We like to add more value to your service by including the following features and benefits:

Flat-Rate Pricing: We bill by the job, not the hour so you get the best value for your money and our technicians are held accountable for their time.

Licensed Plumbing Contractors: You’ll have the utmost confidence in our work because our technicians are qualified, licensed professionals.

Customized Service: We assess each job individually to ensure the most personalized care possible with the best outcome for your unique needs.

Third-Generation Business: Homeowners trust us because they know we have over 60 years of experience in the plumbing industry.

From quick and efficient repairs to comprehensive water heater replacement services, we can help with all your water heater problems. If your unit is acting up, call us right away at (630) 577-9241 or (815) 609-1859 for prompt service in Aurora, IL.