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Having a frigid house in the winter can put your family and home at risk. It can make your family ill and can put your house at risk for frozen pipes and other issues. So when your heater or furnace malfunctions, it’s important to have it repaired quickly and accurately. Call Jim Wagner Plumbing, Inc. for services in Aurora, IL. When you schedule an appointment, we promise to provide upfront pricing with no hidden fees.

We offer the following heating services – and more – to the Aurora, IL area:

  • Heater Repairs & Replacement
  • Furnace Repair & Installation
  • Gas Log Fireplaces
  • Radiant Heating
  • Heat Pump Services
  • Boiler Services

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What to Expect During Routine Heater Maintenance

When winter temperatures hit you want to ensure your heating system is functioning as expected. One way to help guarantee your unit works is to schedule yearly maintenance with a professional. During these routine tune-ups you can expect the contractor to perform the following tasks:

  • Shut off power to the unit to be able to perform a complete – and safe – inspection.
  • Check the inner components to ensure they are working as expected.
  • Diagnose and replace any worn out parts or belts.

Common Problems with Heaters

Like all appliances and systems in your home, you will occasionally encounter problems with your heater. While issues are not convenient – especially if they occur in the winter – most of the more common problems can be repaired by professionals. Some issues can include:

  • Uneven heating: If you have hot and cold spots throughout your home it can indicate your system needs attention.
  • Shuts down unexpectedly: If your system shuts off unexpectedly, it can be due to faulty wiring, a failing pilot light, or a malfunctioning thermostat.
  • Takes too long to heat: If your system takes too long to heat up — and even turning up the thermostat doesn’t help speed it up — it can indicate you have leaky air ducts, a damaged fan motor or an issue with the belts and bearings.

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Benefits of Installing a New Furnace

Are you trying to decide if you should replace your furnace or keep repairing your current unit? While repairing your existing system might seem more convenient and cost-effective, there are many benefits to installing a new furnace. Some of the advantages can include:

  • Latest updates and features: New units come with the latest technology that provides all of the current bells and whistles to provide maximum comfort to your home.
  • More energy-efficient: New systems use up to 30 percent less fuel than older systems, making them more energy-efficient and reducing your utility bills.
  • Less noise: New systems are quieter than older units.
  • Even and consistent heating: New systems operate at maximum capacity, providing even heating throughout your home.

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