Plumbing Woodridge Illinois Is New Really Better?

Plumbing Woodridge Illinois has changed in the past few years. Plumbing Woodridge, IL growing quite a bit, Jim Wagner Plumbing, Inc. plumbers are stocking their trucks for the newer subdivisions in Woodridge Illinois such as Farmingdale Village, Forest View, Normandale, Oak Bluff Estates, and Noble Woods. Plus many of the subdivisions built in the late 90s already need repairs. Though these homes are equipped with modern plumbing Woodridge Illinois fixtures and the newest technology, the materials “fixtures” are made with plastic components, which wear out after just 10 years.

Plumbing Woodridge Illinois new versus old.

Interestingly enough, subdivisions in Woodridge Illinois built in the 80s are just starting to need service. Jim Wagner Plumbing, Inc. has done work in Dunham Knolls, Seven Bridges, and Vicente, usually converting kitchen sinks with under-mount sink for the addition of granite countertops. We’ve also added battery back-up sump pumps, but it’s not common for worn-out fixtures in these older homes. Plumbing Woodridge Illinois like other communities in the area is affected by the 10-year life expectancy of products, which can add unexpected issues with newer homes.

Plumbing Woodridge Illinois Is Old Better Than New?

Plumbing Woodridge Illinois systems built in the 80s are now just starting to fail. Typically, fixtures manufactured at this time last about 30 years. So if you own a home built in this time period you would now expect to replace these fixtures, if you haven’t already remodeled. Plumbing Woodridge Illinois systems built in the 80s have modern piping and sewer systems which are relatively problem-free if they were installed correctly, which serves as a good foundation. When purchasing a home built during this time, be sure to look for these things. Also, remember that the best time to replace aging components is when you decide to remodel.

Plumbing Woodridge Illinois Systems Built in the 70s

Plumbing Woodridge Illinois systems from this period probably have most likely been redone or patched together with remodels. The plumbing Woodridge Illinois for homes built in the 70s often still has brass constructed components, which are easily repaired. However, Jim Wagner Plumbing, Inc. also sees many homes from the 70s plagued with clay sewer systems infested with tree roots. So if you are considering a home in Woodridge Illinois built earlier than the 80s you may want to have the sewer line inspected.

The above insights hopefully help our customers living or looking to make a move to Woodridge Illinois. As always, when you have a plumbing issue in Woodridge Illinois don’t hesitate to call