Another method common to the Chicago area, is a flood control sewer drain system. A flood control sewer drain system has a one-way flapper valve installed to allow water to flow out but not back in. The system needs to have an overflow point that pumps down stream of the sewer drain flapper valve. Without this overflow point, you would not have a sewer drain that drains on account of the flapper being held shut by water back up.

A flood control sewer drain system with a flapper valve is a great solution if it’s not cost effective to install an over head ssewer drain system. Maintenance of the flapper valve should be done yearly to guaranty the valve will swings closed. With a sewer drain system that needs annual service, the sewer drain system has to be accessible. This sewer drain system is usually installed in a 48″ wide man hole in the front yard, with a 24″ steel cover for access. This sewer drain system allows the city sewer drain to back up and close the flapper valve. When you rely on a pump to pump the water you use, down stream of the flapper valve. If you loose power you can flood your home by using your own sewer drain fixtures unless you have a back up power source for your pump.

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