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Benefits Of a Leak Detection Service Call


Naperville Leak DetectionHave you ever had you home plumbing system checked for leaks? Many homeowners never have. They don’t see the value in having a leak detection service call. Oftentimes when a plumbing company does a leak detection call they find leaks that have been silently doing damage to the home f months without the homeowner being aware. This can protect the integrity of the entire structure because left unchecked a small leak can do serious damage to the walls, floors and foundation. This type of major damage can cost a homeowner thousands of dollars in repairs.

It is good practice for homeowners to have a plumbing system leak check at least once each year. Plumbers who perform these checks can find and fix leaky sinks and pipes and help the homeowner to save untold sums on their water bills. There are many feet of pipe running through and below the average home. Unbeknownst to the homeowner small leaks can develop. These leaks can be behind walls, under floors or in other places where they cannot be seen. Without a leak detection call the leak may not become apparent until it has done serious damage.

Even if saving money on your water bill or protecting the integrity of your home are not important to you, the health of you and your family should be. Undetected leaks can lead to rot, mold and mildew. These can cause serious health problems for people of all ages. If an infant, an elderly person or anyone with a weakened immune system lives in the home, it is essential to have an annual leak detection visit in order to protect their health. By spending a small amount to make sure your plumbing system is leak-free you can prevent mold, mildew and other health hazards. 

Want to save money on your water bill, protect your home’s walls, floors and foundation and the health of you and your loved ones? There is a simple act you can take which will help to address all those issues. Schedule an annual leak detection service call by a plumbing company you trust. 

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