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What Temperature Set Point Should I Select for my Water Heater? 


Downers Glove PlumberSaving money and making your home as energy efficient as possible are likely weighing on you. After all, we just don’t have any money to waste. So you may find yourself wondering, “What temperature should I set my water heater at?” You may also be wanting to know how reducing the temperature just slightly will reduce your electric bill. Let us help with our plumbing services.

The Correct Setting for Your Water Heater

Different manufacturers make different recommendations as to the correct setting for your hot water heater. Many companies believe that setting your hot water heater at 140 degrees is the best setting.

Many plumbers, however, believe that setting your hot water heater at 120 degrees can help to keep the amount of minerals and corrosion in your heater and pipes down to a minimum. Also, water at 120 degrees is much less likely to scald someone then water that is heated to 140 degrees.

The Benefits of Reducing the Temperature of Your Hot Water Heater

Turning down your hot water heater will help you shave some money off your electric bill. Setting your hot water heater too high can result in a loss of close to $500 a year in many cases. And by simply reducing the temperature from a 140 degrees to 120 degrees this is extra money in your pocket.

Is it True That Making the Water too Cool Could Increase Bacteria

Temperature SetSome people believe that reducing the temperature of the water leaves a little bit more room for bacteria to grow, there seems to be little research done to verify this claim.

People who have children in their home may have already reduced the temperature of their hot water, merely, to reduce the risk of having the child inadvertently burned. Of course, there is truth to the fact that bacteria is more likely snuffed out at higher temperatures.

Making Your Hot Water Heater More Efficient

When you are calling for your regular service appointment, or having work done on your hot water heater, be sure to talk to your plumber about the setting of your hot water heater. A plumber can let you know what your water heater is set at and would be happy to help you adjust the temperature to be more energy efficient.

Discussing hot water temperature with a professional will help you to decide on the hot water temperature that is best for your current living situation.

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