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Naperville Leak-Detection-Plumber

Electronic leak detection could finally explain those high water bills. If you haven’t done any detective work to identify the source of those escalating water bills, start now. With a little effort you can determine the general location of the leak and let the experts take it from there and once and for all resolve the problem. First of all locate your water meter and the main shut-off valve outside.

Next do a little sleuthing by turning off every sink and hose and then listen for the sounds of running water. If you hear running water there is probably a leak somewhere. If not check the meter. If it is registering as if water is running, there is a problem, you just can’t hear the water. Other signs of a leak are a hot spot on the floor, hot water coming out of a cold water tap and a water heater that never turns off or re-ignites very quickly. If the main shut-off valve is closed and the meter needle stops moving, the leak is probably in the house somewhere.

The leak could be under the slab foundation. To determine if the leak is on the hot water or cold water line, turn off the hot water at the hot water heater. If the meter needle stops moving when the hot water is turned off, your problem is in your hot water lines. If not turn off the cold water and then check the meter. Hopefully, if there is a leak, it will be in the hot water lines, so you can continue using the cold water. If it is in the cold water lines you will be forced to turn off all water while the repairs are being done.

The  benefit to using electronic leak detection will be evident in the next step. To locate the exact location of the leak a pressurized nitrogen is released into the pipes. When the nitrogen reaches the leak a high-pitched sound will be emitted allowing the leak to be pinpointed to within a few inches with the electronic leak detection equipment.

When the issue has effectively been eradicated from your life, you should notice markedly lower water bills and your electricity or gas bills might be slightly lower also as the water heater ran constantly to keep up with the water flow. You may notice a reduction in those numbers as well. When everything is repaired, use all the money you’re going to save for something you’d prefer to spend your hard earned money on, like a much needed vacation.

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