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Is your plumbing flowing efficiently?


Is your plumbing flowing efficiently?Several warning signs indicate you should have a plumbing professional inspect your homes piping, especially if you know the pipes are old or you don’t know when, if ever, your home was repiped.The water coming out of your taps often provides a good indication that you may need new pipes. Air in your pipes is one of the obvious signs that you should call a plumber to check the condition of your home’s piping. When you turn on faucets or your shower and notice spurting or spitting, the pipes may be wearing out. Reduced water pressure is also a sign that your copper pipes are becoming corroded with mineral deposits, a common problem for people who have hard water. Your appliances that use water, like a dishwasher or washing machine, will not work efficiently, causing you replace them sooner than you would normally.

The appearance and taste of your water can also indicate a problem. If you notice rust in your water or rust stains in your sinks and bathtub, your galvanized pipes may be rusted and bits of rust in the water will turn it an unappealing brown color. If your water starts tasting bad, check for water contamination. If you water tests fine, your older pipes are probably the problem.

Leaky pipes, especially the pipes hidden in walls and under floors, are almost impossible to notice until they cause damage to you home. If you’re starting to notice problems, have your pipes inspected before they cause costly damage.

Copper pipes can last for anywhere from 20 to 40 years before they start to corrode; galvanized steel pipes do not last as long as copper pipes. A buildup of minerals in copper pipes or rusting steel pipes can’t be fixed; you need a professional repiping to get your water volume back and your water tasting and looking clean and fresh.

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