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Stains on Tile and How to Remove Them

Naperville PlumberKeeping your home clean is a top priority, and you may regularly vacuum and mop floors, dust your furniture and more to keep your home looking great.

However, when it comes to cleaning your bathroom tub and tile, you may find that the challenge of cleaning these areas is significant.

Water stains are among the most common complaints that homeowners have when cleaning the bathroom.

Understanding what causes them is the first step toward learning how to remove and prevent them in the future.

How Water Stains Are Formed

Water stains are common in many homes because of how they are formed. Water often has sediments in it from minerals. These minerals may include calcium, magnesium and more. When you use water in the bathroom, the water droplets that remain will evaporate.

The sediment, however, will remain. It will eventually dry into a hard, scaly substance. It may also turn into thicker layer of sediment over time.

Removing Water Stains with Ease

You can attempt to scrub water stains with a sponge or scrub brush and any number of household cleaning products you may have on hand in your home.

However, these attempts are often futile or may produce only limited results. The best way to remove water stains with ease is to apply pure white vinegar onto the stains.

You may need to allow the vinegar to sit on the stained area for several minutes or longer so that it can fully dissolve away the sediment. Then, wipe the area with a sponge, and rinse it with clean water.

Preventing Water Stains in the Future

While cleaning water stains is easy to do with the right effort, it may be best to prevent them altogether.

Naperville Tub-StainsThe sediment in hard water can be detrimental to the condition of your pipes and plumbing features, and water stains is an outward indicator of damage that may be present inside your pipes.

You can prevent water stains with ease when you install a water softener in your home.

A plumber can assist you in determining if you have a problem with hard water. While you will need to clean the water stains from your bathroom area, a plumber can install a water softener in your home to prevent this issue from developing in the future. This combined approach to dealing with hard water stains will help you to keep your home in better overall condition.

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