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Give Dad A Gift Fit For a King

Sometimes the nicest thing we can do for our dad is the thing he refuses to do himself. While most dads may not put a new toilet on their Christmas list, they always appreciate an effort to make the bathroom experience more comfortable. Treat dad like the king he is with a brand new throne this Father’s Day. 

Signs to Replace Your Toilet

toilet There are several signs it may be time for a new toilet. Some of these are obvious, while some are not so clear. Homeowners considering a new toilet for their home can look for these indications: 
  • Cracks in the tank: If there is a constant puddle of water around the toilet, there is a good chance there’s a crack in the tank. The toilet will appear to be working properly, but there will always be standing water around the bottom. A plumber can help determine if it can be repaired, but often it will need to be replaced. 
  • Old toilets: As with other appliances, toilets are only meant to last a certain amount of time. Older toilets are less efficient than new ones, and they quickly drive up the water bill. New toilets like dual-flush and bidets will use significantly less water. This makes them better for the environment and the wallet. 
  • It has the shakes: A toilet that moves is not normal. If the toilet rocks or wobbles when it is being used, call a professional immediately. It may just need the bolts tightened, but often it means the floor underneath is rotting and will need to be repaired before the new toilet can be installed. 

What You Need to Know

There are many kinds of toilets to choose from. While there is a standard “best option” for a new toilet, there will be specific needs for every homeowner. It may help to know some of the most popular options and whether they meet the home’s needs. 

  • Two-piece: The two-piece toilet is the most common model found in hardware stores. It is the least expensive and most practical option for most homeowners. However, they do not last as long as some alternatives and can be challenging to clean.
  • One-piece: This option is a bit more expensive than the two-piece, but it is easier to install and clean. Generally, this is the most recommended toilet if the budget allows. 
  • Bidet: Bidets are not just for Europeans anymore! As bidets become more affordable in America, they are becoming more popular. And it is easy to see why. If water conservation is a priority, this is the obvious choice. A bidet is the most efficient option for buying a toilet. It also can come with perks like night lights and heated seats. 

The type of toilet is not the only choice to make when committing to a replacement. It is important to conduct significant research before purchasing a new toilet. 

Measure Twice


One size toilet does not fit all spaces, and every home is different. It is always important to measure the space of the toilet before beginning research. This can help homeowners better understand their options and help them ask the right questions to find the perfect toilet for their needs. It is also essential to consider seat height, especially in homes with children or older adults. 

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