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Important Info About Drain Cleaning Season

drain cleaning seasonImagine you are entertaining friends and family during the holidays. You’ve prepared a beautiful meal, and everyone seems to be enjoying him or herself.

You head to the kitchen to start cleaning up only to find that your sink is not draining properly. You have a clogged drain and a whole load of dishes to clean.

No one wants to deal with this in addition to entertaining and worrying about the holiday hustle and bustle. This is why getting your drains cleaned in the fall is so important. Experts even consider the fall to be drain cleaning season because it’s such a vital part of your fall and winter home prep.

Here’s everything you need to know about getting your drains cleaned this fall:

How Clogs Form

Even the cleanest and the most diligent homeowner can experience a clogged drain. Clogs are usually a culmination of numerous materials collecting in the drain. The materials get stuck and build up, sticking to the side of the pipe wall and hardening over time. Some of the most common materials that contribute to clogged drains include:

  • Hair and skin flakes from the bath or shower
  • Bits of food
  • Grease and oil
  • Naturally occurring minerals such as calcium and magnesium that precipitate out of the water

When these materials create a clog, you may notice slow-moving drains or standing water in your sink or tub.

What Can a Homeowner do About it?

drain-cleaning-2Before calling a professional, homeowners can try a DIY method to remove a clog quickly. If you think we’re about to talk about chemical drain cleaners, think again. While chemical drain cleaners are cheap and usually effective, they contribute to a larger problem.

The harsh chemicals found in these cleaners corrode the inside of your pipe with repeated use and lead to burst pipe emergencies. This expensive repair is not worth the ease of using a chemical drain cleaner, which is why we have an alternative repair method you can try at home.

If you have a simple clog in your drain, we recommend plunging it with your plunger. The suction will loosen the clog and allow it to rinse out through the system. If you try this and it still doesn’t work, that’s when we would recommend calling a plumber.

Benefits of Professional High-Pressure Cleaning

The absolute best way to clean your drains this fall is with high-pressure water cleaning. This method gently dislodges clogs and smooths the inner surface of the pipe, preventing future clogs.

Investing in this service from a professional is vital because if the pressure used is too high, it could potentially damage the pipe and cause it to shift out of place.

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