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Important Backflow Questions Answered

Backflow testing is perhaps the least known plumbing service by homeowners. However, professionals continuously recommend this service to their customers because of how important it is, not only for the home but those living in the household. This article covers all the important information regarding backflow testing and certification. Homeowners will learn what backflow testing is and its dangers, why it is important to have a certification, and what that entails, as well as the importance of calling a skilled and trusted professional to do the job. To learn all about backflow testing and certification, continue reading below!

Backflow: What Is It and Why Is It Dangerous?

Backflow is the exact opposite of what anyone wants to happen to their plumbing system. Essentially, backflow is when the wastewater within the plumbing system makes its way back into the clean water supply. A combination of cross-connections and mismatched pressure causes the contamination of the freshwater supply.

Backflow is incredibly dangerous because it opens those in the household to several illnesses. The most dangerous part is that backflow doesn’t always change the color or smell of the water, at least at first. Homeowners could be drinking contaminated water without even knowing it.

That is where backflow testing comes in. homeowners should have backflow testing done relatively often, especially if their home has experienced this problem in the past.

fixing the plumbing systemThe Importance of a Backflow Certification

To become a backflow tester, professionals must undergo backflow certification training. Without certification, the homeowner should never hire the worker to test their home for backflow. Backflow testing is a specific area of plumbing that can only be done properly by someone that has gone through the training and knows what to look for and how to fix it.

Certification is important because, without it, there is no point in the homeowner having the testing done at all. The certification basically states that the tester knows what infectious contaminants to look for, how to reverse the problem, and how to prevent it from happening again.

Can Anyone Provide This Service?professional plumber

As stated above, backflow testing requires a certification process. Not just anyone can provide the service effectively. There are some people out there that call themselves backflow testers but haven’t acquired the proper certification to do so. That is why it is so important that the homeowner hires someone they can trust to test their home for backflow.

During backflow testing, a professional will:

  • Check the gate relief valves for leakage and weakness
  • Check for changes in gauge movement when valves are turned off
  • Check other valves for leakage
  • Test the water for contaminants

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