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Drain Cleaning Services in Aurora, IL

Keeping your drains clean is an important part of homeownership. Even if you are buying a new home, we recommend getting the drains cleaned right away because you never know if the previous owner was keeping up with maintenance. At Jim Wagner Plumbing, Inc. we help homeowners in Aurora, IL take care of their drains with quality drain cleaning service.

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Signs You Need Drain Cleaning

There are several common signs of the need for drain cleaning Aurora homeowners should look out for. If you notice any of the following symptoms in your home, call us right away to schedule an appointment:

  • Slow-moving or standing water in your sink or tub.
  • Trouble flushing the toilet.
  • Once the toilet has flushed, it takes a long time to fill back up.
  • Foul odors coming from the drain.

Benefits of this Service

Professional Aurora drain cleaning services are recommended over using store-bought chemical drain cleaners. The reason for this is that store-bought drain cleaners contain harsh chemicals that corrode the pipes, causing extensive damage and eventual ruptures.

In most store-bought drain cleaners, the active ingredient is lye, which works to eat away at the clog. While this is effective, it also eats away at the pipe, creating a porous texture that is the perfect breeding ground for even more clogs.

Professional drain cleaning is completely safe and effective. When done on a regular basis, it will prevent future clogs and improve the overall health of your drains and pipes.

Get Started Today

The experts at Jim Wagner Plumbing, Inc. work hard to provide comprehensive and affordable drain cleaning and plumbing services. With a friendly attitude and attention-to-detail, homeowners in the area can trust that we will always do a great job. We also include these features and benefits, which add even more value to our services:

Flat-Rate Pricing: This pricing structure ensures that customers get the best deal. We charge by the job, not the hour so we are always held accountable for our time.

Licensed Plumbing Contractors: Rest assured that you will always receive quality work from our highly trained and qualified technicians.

Customized Service: We cater each service to your unique plumbing needs to provide the best-finished results.

Third-Generation Business: With over six decades in business, customers can trust our experience and advice.

Put an end to frustrating clogged drains with safe and effective professional drain cleaning services. To schedule your annual drain cleaning appointment in Aurora, IL, call (630) 577-9241 or (815) 609-1859 today.